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Gaming On The Kindle – Triple Town

Posted by sodaklady on November 3, 2010

The Kindle is not generally known for its games. There are a few unknown word games, Mine Sweeper, Scrabble, and Sudoku; all fine time-wasters but not to the extent that I totally lose track of time when I’m on the elliptical machine. That honor goes to Triple Town.

This is a tile-laying game played on a 6 X 6 grid representing the field where you will build your town, the purpose is to get the highest score you can. The pieces include parts of your field and town, but also some bad things to make your life difficult.

Triple Town mid-game. My town has grown into a Boom Town and I have a House!

How you build your town is by grouping at least three like-objects together, any edge touching. This group will now turn into the next higher value object, materializing where the last matching piece was placed. For example, if a third grass piece is placed in the bottom right corner, that square would become a flower and the two upper grass squares would become blank. In this way grass becomes flowers, flowers become bushes, bushes turn into trees, trees to wood, wood to a house, houses to a castle and three castles turn into a Sky Castle, which is as high as you go. There’s a pun there but I don’t know if it was intentional or not.

On another track are the bad guys, the Marauding Barbarians, who look a little like raccoons because of the masks, and the Evil Wizards, who I think look ghostly. The Barbarians move every turn but only to an adjacent space, getting in your way. You can trap them in an area so they have nowhere to move which will kill them, turning them into Tombstones. Tombstones are worthless unless you can group them together in, you guessed it, groups of 3 or more, to form a church. Three churches become a Cathedral, which for some reason turn into Castles and then into a Sky Castle again. Always the last stop.

The Evil Wizards really are evil. Like the barbarians, they get in the way of where you want to place tiles, but they don’t move in a set pattern; they teleport all over the place willy-nilly. There is no way to trap them but you can blow them up with a rare bomb. The bombs are cool because you can also use them to blow up any object that has been put in an inconvenient spot, too. But they are indeed very rare so you have to choose: Evil Freaking Wizard, or that tombstone that is in your way.

On the brighter side, there are also the occasional wild card in the form of a crystal which helps you get that third wood or castle or whatever you need most. If you place it next to two pairs, it automatically becomes the higher valued one. We also see a few lakes which are very helpful in blocking both the barbarians and the wizards since neither of them like water. Who knew? Anyway, the lakes can help contain the barbarians in an area, or protect a vital space from a wizard since you are able to build over it.

Your town progresses from a Field to a Village to a Town to a Boom Town to a City to a Metropolis to a Megopolis or something like that. I doubt I’ll ever see it, whatever it’s called. When your board is filled up, you get your final score and can keep your top 10 scores to see how great a town builder you’ve become.

Triple Town Score

Not too bad for a beginner.

If you have a Kindle and you like casual computer games, you won’t be disappointed with this $2.99 purchase. I gotta go now; my city is calling me.


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