Thoughts From The Gameroom

The ramblings of a Euro-gamer from South Dakota


This is a blog about Euro-games, sometimes called German board games or Designer games.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, check out the “What is a Euro-Game?” page.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Rick Thornquist said

    Hi Mary!

    I’m not sure if we’ve ever corresponded before, but my name is Rick Thornquist. I used to do Boardgame News (among other game news sites). I’ve been reading your stuff for years – it’s about time I got in touch with you!

    I’m going to be doing a car trip through the States in a few weeks and
    was thinking I would make Rapid City one of my stops. It would probably
    be on Tuesday, March 11th (though Monday, March 10th is still a

    I was hoping we could get together and maybe play a game or two while
    I’m there. What you say?

    – Rick

  2. sodaklady said

    Hi, Rick, nice to hear from you. I’d love for you to drop by for a few games. Will you be bringing anything new and interesting with you or do we have to make do with my paltry 100 or so games? 😀

  3. Grand Landing said

    Hey Mary, Mike here. I’m new to Word Press, but I’m an avid gamer and growing board gamer. I went through and read your reviews. Have you played Descent or any of the following expansions? I would imagine you have or at least heard of it, but if not – it’s definitely worth your time!

  4. Kim said

    Hi there! I noticed your blog while doing random searches on game topics. Since you are from South Dakota, I thought I would mention IONS, our local gaming group in Sioux Falls. If you are ever in the area, feel free to look us up. You can also find us on GREAT Blog!

  5. Dear sir

    We have a new game coming out: Mythic Wars.

    We at Excalibre Games would appreciate having your support and publicity and possibly a review of our fine upcoming game.

    My appreciation for your time and consideration,

    Robert Mosimann
    Excalibre Games
    (519) 995-9000
    Like Excalibre Games on Facebook

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