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Wooden Toys for Christmas 2013

Posted by sodaklady on January 22, 2014

This year saw my husband once again devoting a large portion of his spare time to toy-making. The usual array was joined by a couple new ones.  One of the ladies that he works with has 2 daughters so each Christmas he has to find something new to make for them, and as they get older, the “toy” needs to be more adult-oriented. This year was jewelry boxes in two tones so they can tell them apart. These were made out of his experience and talent, no plans. I love the dark wood!!

A pair of almost-matching jewelry boxes.

A pair of almost-matching jewelry boxes.

Inside is a lift-out box.

Inside is a lift-out box.









Richard made me a train engine and coal car last year so this year I requested a flatbed to haul Christmas packages, and a caboose. The flatbed and caboose have no plans; they were created from the basic idea used for the engine then tinkered with to get the final look.

My working train. The flatbed is for tiny wrapped presents but I didn't get the chance to do them this year.

My working train. The flatbed is for tiny wrapped presents but I didn’t get the chance to do them this year.

One of the other wood worker’s wife has started collecting some of our creations since falling in love with the pull-toy turtle. Last year she received a train engine so this year her train had to grow. Rather than the working train like mine, she has a passenger train. Like my flatbed and caboose, the passenger car had no plan but was made from an idea of what we wanted.

The passenger car and caboose for a friend's train.

The passenger car and caboose for a friend’s train.


I’ve had comments on several of the posts about the toys and I just want to say thank you for your kind words. A few of you have asked for the plans for certain toys, which I will happily point you to the book or magazine from which they came if we can remember. Some toys (like the cradle) have been such a constant staple that we no longer even know where we found them. Other readers have shown interest in buying them but we do not make these for sale–at least not at this time. Maybe when my husband retires and finds out how bored he is. 😉


3 Responses to “Wooden Toys for Christmas 2013”

  1. Gerald McD said

    He gets better and better. I am still excited about our turtle. These RR pieces are beautiful! What talent! I think he could make a living at it, in retirement, or now. The jewelry boxes were gorgeous, too.

  2. Narelle Clarke said

    I just stumbled across your wonderful site. I have two very young children one girl almost 3 & a baby son who is celebrate his first birthday in weeks. As a young child my grandfather made all my wooden toys & provided the local school, church, family & friends houses. As a young child never realized how much I would miss him after his passing & it’s really in the last 10years I have attempted to collect the wooden goods he had. I have been looking for goods to match my grandfathers wonderful quality of work & till now I have struggled to find any thing close. I’m writing to see if you would be interested in selling two items for my children & giving them a sight into my childhood with wooden quality toys. We have attempted to get some of his wooden toys back however we have only been able to collect one car & one wooden table with two chairs.
    I would love to show my children the fun & endless hours spent exploring through wooden quality toys
    Pls let me know if any of your great products are for sale
    Your Australian fans

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