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Wil Wheaton hosts a game of Small World

Posted by sodaklady on April 3, 2012

If you haven’t heard, Wil Wheaton has started a video series called TableTop that is simply sitting in on a game with him and some friends. How entertaining could that be? That was my first impression on hearing of it, but today was the first episode which featured Small World by Days of Wonder, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing voyeur at a gaming session.

Wil starts by introducing the game and its theme as well as his opponents for the day, then does an excellent job of summarizing the rules.  As the game gets going, you watch what feels to me like a typical game session with trash-talk, back-stabbing, silliness, cussing (it’s bleeped, so don’t worry), and lots of laughter. The half hour show, which I didn’t expect to watch all the way through, was so much fun I didn’t realize the time had flown past.

I highly recommend setting aside a small part of your day to check it out at


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