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A Quick Look At 2011

Posted by sodaklady on January 1, 2012

I’m not going to do a traditional post listing every game I played this year; I think that’s boring to write so it’s probably boring to read as well. But there are a few things of note that I wanted to mention.

As far as board gaming goes, this has been a stellar year for me. In the middle of June our group of three expanded to four with the addition of Dave. And a great addition he is:  funny, smart, a gracious winner as well as a good loser, and willing to give anything a try.

Richard and I discovered the crayon rail games this year and logged an amazing 53 plays of Martian Rails. In fact it was the final game of the year, played on New Year’s eve as we waited for the year to close. We also played Eurorails 22 times. That’s a lot of crayon rails!

Two other games that got more than the usual number of plays was Defenders of the Realm and Power Grid, both with 11 plays. Defenders of the Realm was played mostly 2-player, while Power Grid has become one of the group’s favorites. Along with Ra: The Dice Game, it will never be turned down.

Cori's Wedding

A bring-your-own-umbrella wedding in the back yard.

On the personal side of the year, our daughter, Cori, got married in a lovely steampunk ceremony in the back yard, in the rain. It was the highlight of the year and will be remembered by everyone in attendance as one of the best weddings ever.

The less wonderful part of life also visited us this year; we lost my mother in July, one of our cats in September, and our Corgi in November. Those were probably the worst six months I can remember in a long, long time.

And so… a new year begins and I wish all my readers a new year filled with hope and love and laughter. And may this year be better than the last.


6 Responses to “A Quick Look At 2011”

  1. Linnaeus said

    While the less wonderful parts were very less wonderful, it does sound like you had a very good year overall, which makes me happy. Sorry I haven’t been in touch much lately. My life has been in flux a lot and I’m still a bit away from finding a new routine.

    Regardless, I hope you and yours have a great 2012 *HUGS*

  2. Gerald said

    Here’s hoping you have a 2012 that’s just good, with fond memories being built. At least, your gaming experience was great last year.

    Happy 2012!

  3. That wedding photo was inspirational. I am sorry you had to face those tough months. May 2012 bring you meepleloads of joy.

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