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Hoar Frost Photos

Posted by sodaklady on January 30, 2011

Nature is having a good time in our area lately. We’ve had freezing temps, then several lovely warm/sunny days, now back to bitterly cold combined with fog. This last results in the amazing spectacle known as hoar frost. This is after just one day but there have been times when we’ve had 2 or 3 days of accumulation– that’s an example of truly awesome.

Wind chimes

Wind chimes hanging from the porch roof. Sorry the camera decided that the background was what I wanted in focus! Still, you can see the lovely delicate lace that results.

Frosty Bush

I liked the white of the frosty bush against the red bark in this flower bed.

Flocked trees

And finally, an example of how nature flocks trees.


One Response to “Hoar Frost Photos”

  1. Gerald McD said

    Beautiful! We seldom see that here, because we rarely have fog with freezing temperatures, but we have seen this on the eastern plains of Colorado. It can be amazing to see this on a fence by the roadside.

    Great photos. You selected some excellent subjects. Thanks for sharing them.

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