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Necromancer Island

Posted by sodaklady on October 13, 2010

Ooo, doesn’t that sound good? Especially when it’s preceded by “Small World”.

I happened to check the Hotness List on BGG today, not something I do very often, and saw Small World: Necromancer Island which just sounds so cool I had to click through.  This is the publisher’s blurb:

“At first no one noticed the small island on the lake – nor paid any attention to the gnarly pretense of a man who drifted onto it, sitting astride a wooden log with a huge grimoire on his lap employing a shovel as his unlikely paddle. A ghastly green mist soon shrouded the island, wrapping it in a ghostly silence pierced only by a maniacal laughter and some intermittent curses. Then, one moonlit night, an impossibly crooked tower emerged high above the mist, casting a long and dark shadow on the surrounding land… The Necromancer had arrived!

In Necromancer Island, one of the players assumes the role of a dreaded Necromancer who inhabits an island in the center of Small World’s central Lake region. He captures the souls of all Race tokens lost to conquests, using them to progressively spawn Ghosts who invade the surrounding Regions. To make matters worse, his Powers grow as his reach across the land increases. If the Necromancer succeeds in bringing all of his Ghosts into play, anytime before the game’s end, he wins!”

Oh, hell yes! I wanna be the Necromancer, taking advantage of the other player’s losses! Where do I sign up? Then I read this:

“Necromancer Island is a free, limited-edition scenario available from game retailers worldwide and for purchasers of a Small World product from the Days of Wonder web store during November and December 2010 only while supplies last.”

Well, I don’t usually buy straight from Days of Wonder; I shop at Time Well Spent or Thought Hammer because they both have great prices, great customer service, and are closer to South Dakota than any of the other online stores. But I seriously want the Necromancer Island expansion which means I soon found myself at the Days of Wonder site.

There, on the front page, in the News I saw

“Preorder Be Not Afraid… get Necromancer Island for free!”

They must have seen my coming! I preordered, and since I also took the time to register two DoW games which I had not already done, I also got $4 off my order. What a good way to start the day.


3 Responses to “Necromancer Island”

  1. ianthecool said

    Sounds good! I’m not entirely sure I like the Necromancer island idea, but if I get it for free, then alright. I will definitely be getting Be Not Afraid at some point.

  2. sodaklady said

    What don’t you like about the Necromancer Island idea? My one concern is that the necromancer player may become too strong too fast so that the other players are forever using their turn to knock him down.

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