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It’s a Small World

Posted by sodaklady on October 8, 2010

…but I wouldn’t want to paint it. –Stephen Wright

Mike dropped by yesterday and brought Small World and DungeonQuest.

Now the truth is I never considered buying Small World because I have Vinci, which I love but it doesn’t play with only 2 players.  I was curious, though, so I asked Mike to bring it over.

I’m in love. Yep, I had to place a game order after Mike left (although I’d been planning one anyway.) I always loved the seemingly endless combination of characteristics offered in Vinci and that thrill is still there in Small World. The other aspect that I love about Vinci is the timing of when to Decline your civilization and the thrill of starting a new one– still just as tense and fun in Small World.

2-player board. Image by LeandroPires.

What I don’t love, and I’m not alone in this, is the bright, busy, garish board. I would love if the board was in muted tones so that the civilization chits just POPPED off of the board. But… sigh… I will learn to adjust. 😉 BTW, I won the game thanks to my Ransacking Orcs which raked in the points right from the start.

Mike had stopped at the game store on the way over and couldn’t resist DungeonQuest. We punched and bagged it, he read the rules, and off we set to pillage the dragon’s gold and gems. This is a game that I’ve been interested in ever since I read a session report on I’d Rather Be Gaming, the blog by ozvortex. We both went into the game knowing and accepting the fact that it’s an experience rather than a game, that it’s designed to kill your character, and that one or both of us would die before we could escape the dragon’s lair. But guess what?

We both lived to see the light of day! Of course, Mike had 10 times the loot I did, but that’s not the point. The point is we had a good time and escaped with something to show for it! We each had to battle two creatures and have decided that we are ambivalent about the new battle system. On the one hand, it’s interesting and gives you the feeling of having choices; on the other hand, it’s more work than is necessary for a game that is built on randomness.

We also played Scarab Lords, a game that’s been on my Trade pile for some time.  I wanted to give it another chance and I did. It’s back on the Trade pile if anyone is interested!

We finished the day the way I’d like to finish every game day, with Ra: The Dice Game.  I am positively addicted to this game and would play it over and over again until my eyes grew dry from lack of sleep. We played the best 2 out of 3 and Mike beat me… soundly! He was rolling Civilizations all over the place and I couldn’t put together a good roll for love nor money. But I love trying!!


3 Responses to “It’s a Small World”

  1. Gerald said

    What a fun day for you guys!

    Dan and Joel love DungeonQuest and play it often.

  2. ianthecool said

    Glad to see another Small World fan. I fell in love with this game also. There is something so compelling about picking your own races and being able to change races. And its just so light-hearted and fun. I love, love, love Small World.

    There is another expansion coming out later this moth called Small World: Be Not Afraid which includes new powers and races, including Leprechauns! So keep your eyes open for it!

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