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Fending Off Zombies Again

Posted by sodaklady on August 27, 2010

Last week my daughter,Cori, and I got out Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game and played the “Burn It To The Ground!” scenario– I played the Heroes and she played the Zombies, as usual. She loves being the bad guy and she does it very well. This scenario calls for the Heroes to find 4 cans of gasoline, splash them around the center area of the Mansion, where the spawning pits are, then have one Hero spend a turn in there to light the fire without getting killed by whatever zombies there are hanging around their favorite stomping grounds. Uh-huh. No prob.

The board with Manor House in the center. The middle 4 spaces would be the pits that have to be eliminated. Photo by SingBlueSilver.

This scenario uses the Grave Dead rule from the Growing Hunger expansion which means you roll a d6 to see what horrible ability a few of her zombies would possess. My luck, she rolled a 1 which gives them the ability to ignore any wound they would take on a 4+ except from an explosive. Oh, hell! That’s one of the nastiest characteristics because it makes them almost impossible to kill.

To be fair, it also uses the Hero Replenish rule so that any time one of my Heroes gets killed, I immediately replace him with a new Hero. I am proud to say that I did not need that extra help but I will also admit that Cori often made moves that took it easy on the Heroes. I realized it but could only be thankful since this is a pretty nasty scenario.

One other additional rule applies to this scenario: Free Search Markers. Cool. These markers are placed on all the buildings that no Hero starts in so when one of the Heroes enters the building they can immediately Search instead of using a Move action to Search. We added the other tokens to the mix,  2 Surprise Attack x 1,  1 Surprise Attack x 2, and 1 New Hero Found. Mix them face down and place on the buildings, throwing back any that don’t get placed. What were the odds I’d come across the Surprise Attack x 2, which means I stumbled upon 2 zombies I didn’t know were there? Slim? Yeah, I found ’em.

This was a tough battle for the Heroes, especially since they kept getting hurt. I had chosen Becky, the nurse (at the end of the turn, she can heal one would of another hero in her space), and Kenny, the super market bag boy (may take a wound or discard an item to kill a zombie that he beats in a fight). Nice abilities if you can use them. Then I randomly chose the other two Heroes: Johnny, the high school quarterback (wins on a tie, and also can run a blitz which lets him fight a zombie and keep moving) and Rachelle, a police detective from another town (starts with a revolver & flashlight; may ignore any wound if you roll a 6+). Again, nice abilities if you can use them.

I also managed to turn over one of the random Search tiles and find a New Hero which I randomly drew and got the crazy Jake Cartwright, a drifter who can draw 2 cards and chose which to keep and which to discard. Nice since I really needed to be searching to find all those gas cans. I love this hero because I can picture him being played by Randy Quaid. The quote under his picture is “It’s happening. They’re coming…again.” I just see Quaid in Independence Day: “Hello, boys. I’m baaaaack.”

Things looked pretty desperate for most of the game. I had found 2 of the gas cans in the first few turns but then couldn’t find the other two. I also had to keep healing my poor Heroes, using up a Move/Search action for Johnny and Kenny since they can only take 2 wounds but can heal themselves if they sit down and relax for a bit.

With only 5 hours until dawn Becky found another gas can, then crazy Jake got a set of keys that let me pick up a card from the discard pile. Decisions, decisions–what should I take….? Gas can! Pass that off to Johnny who was conveniently near. Off ran Johnny to smash zombies and keep moving, destined to throw heading into the Mansion to douse it with gas.

Kenny had been lugging around a fire extinguisher since about the 2nd turn, picturing how useful this could be while he’s inside the Mansion lighting the fire, defending himself by spraying this to push those z’s away from him. Unfortunately, he also took a wound on his way to the Mansion. Meanwhile, Becky had managed to find a lighter and was headed to the Mansion with her can of gas. So in a very well-played move, I  moved Becky to Kenny’s square,  passed Kenny the lighter, then Becky killed the zombie that had injured Kenny by using the meat cleaver and getting an Instant Kill,  and finally Becky healed Kenny at the end of the turn. Ta da. High fives.

On the next turn, Becky ran around the house and threw the gas on the last space, while Johhny  lured some of the zombies from Mansion using zombie hunger and Rachelle  used another fire extinguisher to push the zombies by the doorway further into the room. The way was clear for Kenny to be the hero of the hour.

Luckily for the Heroes, the zombie master had no impressive trick up her sleeve and she hadn’t gotten to spawn for the last two turns so the 2 spaces near the entrance to the Mansion were clear. Kenny ran into the building and easily set the cursed place on fire, saving the town.

Say what you will about the randomness and high luck factor in this game but every time I’ve played, no matter how many were playing or what scenario we played, the games gave been squeaky close, right down to the last move and once it wasn’t clear who won until the last die roll!


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