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How Memoir ’44 became my Hot Game

Posted by sodaklady on February 21, 2009

Playing board games around here had slowed to a drizzle and then a total drought. But then we got rid of the pool table which took up a huge part of the family room and set up a folding table in its place.  Five days ago I set up the board and terrain tiles for one of the original scenarios from Memoir ’44, covered it with a piece of Plexiglass, and waited for my opportunity.


Board and terrain tiles set up and waiting for 2 players with a little time.

Board and terrain tiles set up and waiting for 2 players with a little time.

 This has worked amazingly well.  Since half of the set-up is already done, it doesn’t take much time to finish the set up and be ready to play. The Plexiglass keeps the cats from playing with the game before we do, and it’s nice to be able to move the figures without worrying about disarranging the terrain. My husband noted that the Plexiglass also keeps the dice from interfering with the setup, unless you throw hard, of course.

So far, we’ve played almost every day since I set it up–sometimes twice. I’ve had Memoir for… what, 4 years, and haven’t  even played all of the original scenarios. I have the Pacific, Air Pack, and recently, the Mediterranean expansions but have only tried the Air pack a couple of times. I would really like to play all of the scenarios and try the rules tweaks that they offer. Hopefully, having the board set up ahead of time and waiting will help me get to them in the foreseeable future. Then I won’t feel so badly about buying the Eastern Front expansion!  And if we ever get through all of that, this will work just as beautifully with Ancients and the three expansions I have for that!!


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