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Game Day Where I Lost Every Game

Posted by sodaklady on September 4, 2008

Mike came over this morning and the first thing I brought out was my favorite, Magna Grecia. We hadn’t played in way too long and it was good to enter that world again. We each started in a different area of the board and met in the middle to fight over who could make the most impressive city. Mike managed to get the attention of many more Oracles than I so won handily.

The time seemed to fly and the game was over way too soon so I begged for a second. Mike, being a gentleman, agreed. This time the Oracles were all around the edges, leaving a large vacant area in the center of the board. I began on an edge with 2 Oracles in villages adjacent to my city. Then I made my first mistake; I forgot to buy a market in the next village over in anticipation of Mike building there, which he did. I built a road to cut him off from one of the Oracles and the fight was on. This game was very different from the first with a lot of nasty plays. It was great! I made a second mistake in my last move as I was going to build a city and connect it to a city where I’d already sold my market so that I could score those roads a second time, but I forgot. This cost me another 4 points and, between the 2 mistakes, the game. I don’t mind, this game is a joy for me to play no matter who wins. But I must remember: your turn doesn’t end when you place a tile. Buy or sell Markets is the final decision! 

Another game which I love and don’t play enough is Taluva, which I brought out next. As usual, this was a very close game with only 2 players. It came down to who could play a building first, completing 2 of their 3 types of buildings. On Mike’s turn he was sure he’d messed up since he only had 2 villages and all of his huts were gone. I showed him how he could place his tile where it would cut one of his villages in two and let him play his final Tower piece. So even though I lost the game, I made the winning move. That has to count for something, right?

For the final game we played Metro. This is a game I’d got in trade a while ago and never played but Mike had played a computer version before. I was consistently behind by 15-20 points through the first half of the game drawing tiles that would only turn me around and head right off the board with only 5-6 points. My best moves were ones where I messed up one of Mike’s lines, giving him 2-4 points rather than the 8-16 points he seemed to get so often (he got double points for reaching the center 2 or 3 times). I finally got a tile that let me make a very good move (20 points) and caught me up. Unfortunately, the last half of the game went much like the first with me trying to find a tile that would let me keep my lines going. The last plays gave me only a handful of points while Mike managed to get to the center again for another 20 points or so. We agreed that following the lines on this game is tough on the eyes as well as the brain and would rather play Tsuro which is faster, easier on the eyes, and (with 2 players) more tense and fun.

I lost all four games today. As my psychiatrist friend, Dr. Meepolous, would say, “How do you feel about that?” I feel great. I played 2 of my favorite games and had a great time doing it. I gave it my best and enjoyed the company. What else does a real gamer need?


4 Responses to “Game Day Where I Lost Every Game”

  1. ekted said

    I think I’ve come around on Taluva. I was never interested until a couple weeks ago. Now I want to own it.

  2. sodaklady said

    I’m surprised you didn’t like it sooner. Simple, elegant rules; ability to make brilliant, unexpected moves; and nastiness. I know you didn’t care for the graphics but i don’t think they’re that hard to differentiate when you get used to how busy they are.

  3. ekted said

    I didn’t dislike it. I just ignored it all this time. 🙂

  4. Gerald said

    It’s a great day of gaming when you have fun even when you lose all of them. Congratulations, anyway.

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