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My favorite computer-based puzzle game

Posted by sodaklady on August 7, 2008

I found Brickshooter seveal years ago and would say that, in my opinion, this is the best pure-thinking puzzle game out there.  I didn’t want a Bedazzled-type game; the timed aspect makes my heart race and my hands shake.  I wanted something that made my brain race and this is it!


Brickshooter screenshot

Brickshooter screenshot

The objective is to clear the “bricks” in the black area.  To do this, you click on one of the side bricks that line up with an internal bricks.  It shoots across and stops at the first brick it meets and a new brick joins the queue at the back of the line of side bricks.  When you match up 3 bricks of the same color, they disappear.  If the brick doesn’t match, it stops in the direction it was going and waits for you to either clear it with 2 like-colored bricks, or remove the bricks that are in its way.  Simple and addictive.

When you’ve cleared the screen, a new one automatically pops up with a new configuration and more bricks as the difficulty increases. You find yourself having to make a bigger mess of the board in order to get to the colors you need and trying to find a way to clear those out as well.  As you can guess, you’re required to do a lot of planning ahead in order to keep the extraneous bricks to a minimum.

There is a setting to choose your level of difficulty, changing the number of colors in the puzzle from between 5 and 10.  You can also choose to turn off the sound effects and music if you find them annoying. You have the ability to undo the last move, which gives you a chance for second thoughts but keeps you from thinking you can just click pieces willy-nilly to see what the next color in the queue would be.

I enjoy this game so much that when I recently bought a MacBook, I had no qualms about buying it again in Mac format.  I can sit playing for hours while watching tv or listening to music.

Edit: I forgot to put in a link to the website.  So much for thinking being my strong suit!


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