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May Day Blizzard

Posted by sodaklady on May 3, 2008

April showers bring May…blizzards!?! Yeah, in the Black Hills that can happen. We woke on May 2nd to every window in the house being coated in snow and some with a thin coat of ice underneath. My husband opened the side window on our bow to scrape off a peep hole for us to watch the weather.

View through bow winder

We also had no electricity from roughly 3 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Not really a big deal since we have a wood burning stove as an alternate heat source and a camp stove to make instant coffee. The rough part is that our housing development has it’s own well and pump house so without electricity we also are without water. That sucks. My appreciation and respect goes out to those who go out into such horrible weather to get the electricity back on as soon as possible.

About noon the snow let up but the wind continued. Cori and I took our cameras outside to document the shapes since it was already starting to melt! Truly, it no sooner stopped snowing than it warmed up a couple of degrees and started to melt.

Path from back doorWe took quite a lot of pictures but here’s a couple that really show how nicely the snow drifted.

This is the narrow path from our back porch, around the garage to the wood shop/Cori’s loft area. The lumps on the left are 2 chairs and a short table; on the right is a glider swing and the gas grill. The door to the garage is just outside of view before you get to the swing so this is our main door and had to be kept shoveled. Unfortunately, it’s also the side of the house that gets the biggest drifts. And Mother Nature laughs.

Drift along the windbreak treeline

This drift was our new view out of the bow window. The three rows of trees that were planted as a windbreak did their job well. A couple hours of “warm” air left the overhang drooping.

Tucker on the porchHere’s our Corgi, Tucker, also checking out the aftermath of the blizzard. He’s cute as heck so I thought I’d add him, too. The snow piled next to the landing is about 3 feet high and is the result of shoveling off the steps during the storm.

Today is beautiful and sunny. Richard and I started it out with shoveling off all of the walks and patio so we wouldn’t have a lake later today.

Now I’m looking forward to Cori’s friends coming over again to play with the zombies some more. Yes, they’re definitely hooked!


Cori decided to create in snow this morning when she got up.  She started with a 4 foot high pile of snow at the end of the driveway and created the Wicked Witch of the West, “melting, melting”.  I was very impressed when I went out to see it.

Wicked Witch of the West, meltingShe had some trouble since the snow was melting so fast.  The witch’s right arm was originally up to her face but fell off and had to be re-attached in a more stable position.

Is this cool or what?


7 Responses to “May Day Blizzard”

  1. Ozvortex said

    Wow, that’s beautiful! We never get snow where I live on the east coast of Australia. On the few occasions I’ve experienced snow in my travels it has been a magical experience. (However, those who live with snow for extensive periods may disagree!)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah, this was a heck of a storm… we got 40+ inches up in Lead.

  3. Wow – it looks beautiful, although I can imagine being without power and water would not be the greatest.

  4. Gerald McDaniel said

    Great photos! In Lakewood CO, we got a couple inches on Thursday, and it all melted very quickly when it stopped snowing. On Friday, we had cool, sunny, windy weather, but no snow. Sorry you had to shovel so much, but wasn’t it beautiful?

    Cori’s sculpture was excellent! Congratulate her for us.

    Just don’t let the zombies get you!

  5. sodaklady said

    “Magical” might be stretching it, but I still enjoy the snow unless I or one of my loved ones has to drive in it.

    Sean, I saw the picture you posted on your blog and that’s wild. Makes me glad I’m just in the foothills!

    Gerald, I’ll tell her. Thanks.

  6. coldfoot said

    You fattening up the dog to make bacon?

  7. sodaklady said

    My dog is NOT fat; he’s sturdy. Besides, dogs make horrible bacon. The chops aren’t bad though. 🙂

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