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Zombies Took Over My Home This Weekend

Posted by sodaklady on April 28, 2008

Thursday, the 24th of April, 2008 will live on in my memories as the day the FedEx man brought the zombies to my home. They came in a box labeled Last Night On Earth and attacked me first when I played a solo game. I managed to fend them off and put them back in the box but the next evening, they attacked again.

Cori and Richard were attacked on Friday when I innocently opened the box to show them what it contained. Their persistence is legendary and this occasion was no different as they reached for our fun-loving brains, enticing us with their shambling ways. Together we finally got them back in their box again. But even then, they called to us, begging to be let out to continue their search for more brains.

On Saturday, we could take it no more and once again opened the box, knowing full well what was in store for us but unable to resist any longer. This time, Cori, enthralled by the zombies, invited two of her friends to come and see our box of zombies. Oh, the horror! For hours we fought to get them back in the box, nearly succeeding once but we let our guard down and found them spread all over the table yet again. It was too late for these poor young people to escape the zombies’ clutches. Even after we had triumphed over their grizzly, decaying bodies, they continued to eat away at the brains of all of us.

Sunday brought Cori’s friends back to our zombie-infested home to open the box one more time. Why? Why?!? They have so much life yet to live; so many other, safer, things to draw them and yet the zombies would not let them be. Five people, gathered together around a table to join in a timeless battle, and knowing that they had already lost to the relentlessness of the zombies in our midst.

Be warned, my friends, if the FedEx or UPS man brings a box of zombies to your door, do not open it unless you, too, wish to join our band of walking dead.


4 Responses to “Zombies Took Over My Home This Weekend”

  1. Thanks for the warning but you are too late! We’ve already fallen under the spell of the undead at my house. So much so, that we are contemplating allowing even more into our home with the expansion. Must. Resist.

  2. Greg Williams said

    You should post this on the Geek!

  3. sodaklady said

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Greg. In fact, I’ve already posted it as a session report on the Geek. Go give it a thumbs-up, man! 🙂

  4. Gerald McDaniel said

    Excellent! Obviously, you haven’t seen the last of those zombies!

    Be careful, but have fun.

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