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I Can’t Read But I Ordered The Game Anyway

Posted by sodaklady on February 7, 2008

When I checked my email this a.m., there was the newsletter from GMT games (I get them since I bought C&C: Ancients and the expansions).  Although I’m not that much of a war gamer, there wasn’t much else interesting to read in my mail so I glanced through it and a game caught my eye:  Pacific Tycoon.  Hmm, I thought, sounds Euro-ish, like making money on the various islands in the Pacific.  A little different from the usual GMT war game fare but since they did a game about lemmings, who knows?

 So I clicked on the link to read about the game and then realized it was Pacific TyPHOON.   After mentally smacking myself in the head, I read about it and it turns out to be a neat-sounding card game with a very thin battle-in-the-Pacific theme.  It’s kind of a trick-taking game (plays 3-7, with 4-6 being optimum) where you never know who’ll be on your side in the “battle” since you can change sides each round, negotiate for the spoils, and do a lot of BS table talking.  It sounds like fun so for the pre-order price of $28, I went for it.

 Oh, and for the record, I did check BGG first, of course.  This is a remake of Atlantic Storm which got some pretty good comments.  And I see that my BGGF, cornjob, has preordered it and who wants to argue with a sleestak?


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