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Tiger Woods ’08 on the Wii

Posted by sodaklady on September 7, 2007

When we bought our Wii console about 6 months ago, my husband and I immediately fell in love with the golf portion of the Wii Sports game that came with it.  There’s something satisfying about figuring in the windage, assessing the lay of the green, and determining how hard to hit the ball.  I loved solving the physics problem that each shot presented as well as the physical aspect of actually taking the swing.  But after a few games, we got tired of the same 9 holes and wished for more.

 A couple weeks ago my husband saw the Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’08 in the store and we decided to give it a try.  We haven’t been disappointed.  There’s a long, long list of courses and you’re given a whole bag of clubs to help you get the shot you want.  These are the essentials for us but there’s so much more to the game.  Personalizing your character, which is so detailed it can take 45 minutes to fine-tune it, playing famous golfers or playing against them, working your way up through the ranks in the PGA Tour and taking on Tiger Woods if you’re good enough.  There’s also a hand full of mini-games and traditional games that you can play by yourself or against your friends.

 There’s so much game here that the major problem is the menus.  The instruction booklet is almost useless so you find yourself clicking around trying to find what you’re looking for until it finally makes a little sense to you.  But it’s worth that small aggravation because the physics engine is very well done, factoring in not only wind and distance but also elevation and the lay of the ball (is it sitting on the sand or half-buried).  All these factors have to be figured in when you take that swing and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

 Most of us play Euro-games not just for the fun of it but because it gives our mind a workout.  Well this is a different kind of mind exercise and I recommend it even if you’ve never been interested in golf before, like myself.


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