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Tide of Iron

Posted by sodaklady on June 10, 2007

I finally got Tide of Iron on Friday afternoon.  That meant I was sure to get a call from Mike (who had been waiting almost as anxiously as I) and we agreed to play on Saturday.

 What can I say about ToI that hasn’t already been said by at least a half dozen others?

 The boards are THICK!  “Holy wood pulp, Batman.  >Kapow< the evil-doer with one of these boards from Tide of Iron!”

 The miniatures and their bases are a little bit fiddly to deal with even with my small fingers.  They aren’t too bad to snap into their holes but pulling them out again can make you clench your jaws.  I have a machine gun unit that is going to become a permanent fixture on its base.

 The play is excellent; just what I was looking for and I’ll be happy to play any time I have a couple of hours or more…and a fresh mind.

 Mike and I played the Chain of Command scenario.  I took the Germans and managed to hold Mike to his half of the board for 5 turns even though he was killing Germans at an annoying rate.  This effectively ended the game since he couldn’t get any points by the end of the next round and I had held the bridge for 3 rounds (3 VPs).  Mike liked the game, though wasn’t thrilled with the miniatures and their stands, and wants to try it again the next time he comes over.

 This morning (Sunday), I introduced my husband to the game using the same scenario, again taking the Germans myself to see if I couldn’t come up with some better moves.  He hadn’t read the rules so it took about 2 ½ hours to teach as we went along.  And once again the Germans managed to hold their half of the board through 5 rounds, winning the scenario.

 Richard liked it and was still thinking about what he should have done differently after the game was over—a good sign.  For myself, I think it will join in sharing popularity with Command and Colors: Ancients.


2 Responses to “Tide of Iron”

  1. I’ve been eating up Tide of Iron like it’s in short supply. Great game!

  2. sodaklady said

    I agree. I just wish I had more time (and opponents) to play it!

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