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Local Band to Feature on Grey’s Anatomy

Posted by sodaklady on April 20, 2007

Today’s paper has an article on a Rapid City band, the Reddmen, who have had one of their songs chosen to be on an upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  How cool is that?!

The band has been together for over a decade but this is the first national notice they’ve gotten.  The lead singer/guitarist, J. Waylon Porcupine, got an email from someone identifying himself as an editor from Grey’s Anatomy asking where he could find their music.  He thought at first that it was spam.  But he answered politely and sent the man to their record label’s web site.  The editor had heard one of their songs on his cousin’s MySpace profile and liked it.  I think the truly amazing part is that the band is very low-budget and records on 8-track in a basement!

The song is “The Secrets of Amanda Prines” from their 2003 album, “Sons of the Morning Star” and should air on April 26th.

The other band members are Trevor Leo and Miyo One Arrow.  In case anyone is interested, their record label’s web site is


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  1. How cool!

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