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Change Is Good

Posted by sodaklady on April 15, 2007

Yesterday we changed our cable Premium channel from the Starz/Encore combo to HBO.  We haven’t had HBO for maybe 10…12…15 years; a long time anyway.  We realized we weren’t finding anything we wanted to watch on Starz so it was time for a change.  I spent yesterday watching 3 movies back-to-back on HBO:  Walk The Line, Must Love Dogs and Cinderella Man.  I totally enjoyed all three of them.

Richard and Cori both commented on the remarkable change; how nice it was to find new, good movies.  Being  a natural pessimist, I reminded them that this was all new *for now*.  We’re catching up on stuff that HBO has probably been playing for a long time and in a couple of years, when we’ve seen everything new, HBO will probably become as stale as Starz seems now.  Change is good.

Which probably explains why I’ve recently made a trade for Return of the Heroes and its expansion, Under The Shadow of The Dragon.  I don’t have any other RPG-type board games though I’ve played a couple that Mike has brought over:  Runebound and World of Warcraft.  Richard joined us for WoW and was really getting into it.  This is the most I’ve seen him enjoy a game in a long time and I concluded that I needed to add an adventure game to my collection.

The final push came from reading ozvortex’s blog entry Enter The Dragon.   I got pulled into his narrative of a game of Dragonquest he played with his daughter, Maddie; it sounded like such fun!  “A desperate battle against incredible odds.” — One of our favorite lines from The Last Starfighter.  Right, it was time to seriously look for a new game.  You know what that means–head on over to BGG and do some research.

After finding a few RPGs and reading reviews and comments, I chose Return of the Heroes for its simplicity of play and the various “tasks” you can choose from as a means of increasing your stats.  It should arrive on Monday or Tuesday and I hope we have as much fun with it as Maddie and her dad had playing Dragonquest.  Have I abandoned Eurogames for Amerigames?  No.  But change is good.


5 Responses to “Change Is Good”

  1. ekted said

    And HBO doesn’t have any smell either. 🙂

  2. Gerald McDaniel said

    We’ve gone through the HBO cycle several times, also. At this time, we do not subscribe to any of the movie channel packages. Once HBO began inserting commercials (at least their own) in the middle of their films, I lost interest. I only watch movies on Turner Classic Movies channel, and I keep my fingers crossed that TCM will keep their movies intact in the future, although I’m enough of a realist to know that such a good thing probably won’t last forever (or even as long as I want it to).

  3. sodaklady said

    I didn’t see any commercials in the movies I watched. Or do you mean they put commercials in the movies that they made especially for HBO? It’s sad that the money has become more important than the presentation. It’s especially annoying to me to have the credits squeezed out at the end of a show/movie so more advertising can be shown at the same time.

  4. Gerald McDaniel said

    Ah, my mistake. I was thinking of AMC, which used to run commercial-free movies, but now inserts at least a few of them in each film showing. HBO certainly should be commercial-free, since they charge you for the channel access. I do know what you mean, however, about the repetitive nature of movie channels. That’s bad and good; bad because you get to a point of seeing only movies you’ve already seen; and good because you can catch a movie again that you might have missed earlier.

  5. Skip said

    Well, I’m not sure where you are, but here in Brazil HBO has the care about insert new movies every week and take off old ones. From time to time, that old ones returns, of course, but new ones are always being included.

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