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My Game Collection–REALLY!

Posted by sodaklady on April 4, 2007

My April Fool’s Day joke backfired on me a little bit; it has been the most popular post since I started this new blog and I’m feeling a little bad that I probably disappointed a few people. To make it up to everyone, here’s pictures of my board game collection. It’s now too large to fit in one place, so games can be found in several places around the house.

Game shelf

This is the main shelves, located in the library. Sorry about the glare. I tried not using the flash but then the pictures turned out blurry so this is the best of the lot. That’s Cross Cribb who’s title you can’t see.

Games beneath the bar.

These are hiding in the bottom of the bar which looks like an old-fashioned ice box. It’s near the kitchen, our main gaming spot.

Games under the end table

The end table holds my Kosmos 2-player games and a couple others that are favorites with my husband and me. Two copies of Fjords! ? Yes, I think it’s an interesting change to play with a double set of tiles sometimes, but only 6 farm houses.

Baker’s rack in the kitchen

A few of our current favorites and the basket full of card games have a special place in the kitchen where they’re easy to reach. The two chunks of wood on the left are the card-holders my husband made years ago when our daughter was learning to play pinnocle and couldn’t hold 13 cards. They’ve seen a fair amount of use, usually for Command & Colors: Ancients, which doesn’t come with card stands; or when Mike and Teresa come over with their baby so they can keep their hands free.

There you have it. I hope you’ll forgive me for my joke and enjoy browsing through my collection.


5 Responses to “My Game Collection–REALLY!”

  1. Nice job, Mary. Great games and nice storage.

  2. Hello. My IE displays your first page’s sidebar below the main content section but the other pages are OK. You might want to check the first page’s code against that of the other pages (it might be a width issue or a “clear:both:” issue).

    You have a nice site.

  3. sodaklady said

    Thanks, Speed. I hadn’t realized there was a problem in IE; I use Firefox. I think I’ve fixed it by shrinking one of the pictures.

  4. You’re welcome. I check in IE and Firefox to cover about 90% of the browser market. It looks OK now. Thank you.

  5. Is it wrong that my heart skipped a beat seeing all of those wonderful board games?

    Great collection, thank you for sharing it.

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