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My Game Collection

Posted by sodaklady on April 1, 2007


Gotcha! I hope all of my board game friends have a fun April Fool’s Day.


5 Responses to “My Game Collection”

  1. I just had to note that either you or your kids have very similar video game tastes to my own. The Ratchet and Clank series, Jak and Daxter series, Sly Cooper series, Katamari series, Psychonauts and Ico are all in my collection as well.

    Just thought I’d share.

  2. sodaklady said

    Those are all mine, Eric, except Oni (my daughter’s) and a flying simulator that is my husband’s. You don’t have the Star Wars Legos duo?! Get them, they’re excellent. And I just finished Beyond Good And Evil, which is still in my head while I’m starting a new one, Okami.

  3. Scott said

    Unless I’m missing it, I don’t see Shadow of the Colossus. That was a really great game, and is now available at $20.

  4. sodaklady said

    I just got Colossus, Scott, along with Okami. Hopefully, it will live up to its reputation. Right now, I’m fascinated with trying to draw a circle in Okami using the joystick! 🙂 I can see where this would be immensely easier on the DS.

  5. I had meant to post that I also own both of the Lego Star Wars games. You’re right. They’re awesome.

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