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Flowers and Combat Commander

Posted by sodaklady on March 20, 2007

25th-anniversary.JPGToday is our 25th Anniversary and although Richard has to work until 8:00 tonight, he had flowers sent to me and we started the day with our first scenario of Combat Commander.

We had played through the sample game on Sunday but this still left us far from fluent in the game. We played scenario 1 with me as the Germans and Richard taking the Russians. Richard had a very bad shuffle as the first half of his deck was full of Rout cards (7 of the 9) and only 2 Moves, whereas I had a lot of Fire cards. I managed to get to the building in the center of the map first and holed up there with a group firepower of 10 and smacked him every chance I got, and I had some wonderfully high dice rolls each time (20-21 three of the times I fired). We didn’t finish the scenario since Richard had to get ready for work but by the time we quit, I had killed off one of his squads and a Leader and he had managed to eliminate one of my squads with the help of a Sniper.

It was a good learning game since we sorted out a couple of rules and solidified our understanding of the game a little. Richard was not turned off by his misfortune and enjoyed the way the game plays (“I definitely want to try this again.”) so I’m looking forward to more skirmishes. Actually, I think he liked this game more than most of the Euros we’ve played, which is fine by me; given enough time to play it, I think I’d prefer it, too.


4 Responses to “Flowers and Combat Commander”

  1. ekted said

    Happy Anniversary! It’s not every couple–even among couples who play games–that would choose to do that to celibrate. Good choice!

  2. Linnaeus said

    Happy anniversary Mary and Richard!

    *hugs Mary*

  3. Gerald McD said

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Hope you have many more to come.

    Beautiful flower arrangement and playing a new game. What else could you have asked for?

  4. Scott said

    Happy Anniversary, Mary!

    I’m so glad to hear you’re liking CC.

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