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Twenty-fifth Anniversary is Paper, Right?

Posted by sodaklady on March 12, 2007

When I first read about Combat Commander, I was very enthusiastic about it but then I read the rules to Tide of Iron and started drooling right away. I pre-ordered Tide of Iron and Combat Commander slowly slipped from my mind.

But then I got a geekmail from a friend who asked if I’d tried Combat Commander yet and, unfortunately, continued on to tell me what a fun game it is! Why did he do that to me? That renewed my interest in the game so I re-read the rules, read reviews and a very nice session report and started thinking I should have this game, too! But how many war games do I need? Will getting two new ones so close together make my brain explode trying to keep the rules straight? Will my husband ever play these games with me often enough to become comfortable with any of them? Errrgggh!

I generally keep Richard up on what I’m ordering or thinking of ordering so when I mentioned one night that I was thinking about getting “this other war game”, he said, “Order it. It’ll be your 25th anniversary present. I have something I want to get, too.”

“Something for a motorcycle?” I asked, knowing with 90% certainty that it was.


So this morning I ordered CC. This is the way it is with us, though it might seem strange to some. We’ve been married long enough and buy most things that we want when we want them so when it comes time for a special gift, it’s often a mutually-agreed upon item. One year it was a pool table! We like to spoil each other and surprise each other, but it gets harder as the years go by and the amount of “stuff” we own increases.

Isn’t the 26th anniversary “vacuum cleaners”?


One Response to “Twenty-fifth Anniversary is Paper, Right?”

  1. geraldmcd said

    Hope you enjoy the game. My wife and I have been buying our own gifts for many years, and it’s worked beautifully — no returns, no disappointments, perfect gifts. The other person wraps it, and often we have forgotten what we purchased for ourselves, many months before. One of those things that some couples can do well and enjoy, while others would probably shudder at the thought. Like you, we have often decided to buy a piece of furniture or something practical for the house, as our anniversary gifts. In fact, that seems to have become a tradition for us. So, I hope you both enjoy your anniversary gifts, and Happy Anniversary!

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