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Snowman Murdered in Black Hawk

Posted by sodaklady on February 17, 2007

This quiet suburb of Rapid City was shocked this morning when the body of a snowman was discovered in the front yard of the Weisbeck family. Officer Flake, standing by the snow outline of the victim, was reluctant to give any details. He did say that the shovel lying nearby appeared to be the murder weapon but any prints had melted by the time the police arrived. The Weisbeck family had no comment. ~~~~~~~

Officer Flake inspects the scene

My daughter, Cori, who will be 24 next week, and I had a lot of fun building our snow scene this morning. Our main influence was Calvin & Hobbes with a bit of CSI thrown in.


3 Responses to “Snowman Murdered in Black Hawk”

  1. Linnaeus said

    I see your “You are only as old as you let yourself act” attitude is rubbing off on Cori.

    Good 🙂

  2. Gerald McDaniel said

    That was great! How clever, and the photo was excellent. You guys did a great job. The snowman policeman was outstanding, too. What a hoot!

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