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Dice Should Have Life

Posted by sodaklady on February 16, 2007

I don’t mind dice in a game; they add a bit of randomness and unpredictability that many games require.  But dice should have life.

The dice that come with the first edition of Command & Colors: Ancients are dead.  They will, of course, give you a random solution when thrown but there’s no fun in it; no thrill as you wait for the result.  They drop to the table and bounce once or twice then lie there with their answer staring at you as if to say, “There, are you happy now?”

Dice should roll and spin, adding to the suspense so that when they finally stop, you realize that you’ve been holding your breath.  I want time to yell, “Come on, green dot!  We need to kick some Roman butt!”  I want to watch them dance and swirl, catching glimpses of that which I yearn for.  “Green dot.  Green dot.”

The only way these dice would grant me the desired anticipation is if I threw them across the room eight or ten feet and bounced them off of a wall.  Ah, but then I’d have to get up and walk over there to pick them up each time.  No, these definitely need to be replaced.  Maybe the cats would like them!


3 Responses to “Dice Should Have Life”

  1. Gerald McDaniel said

    My favorite dice were large ones with rounded corners and edges. They came in the old V or Five Thousand game, with a very heavy, large vinyl dice tray. I could spin them between my hands as I tossed them into the tray, and sometimes we had to wait at least five or more seconds for the last die to stop spinning. During that time, I could be calling for the number I needed to get that Three of a Kind or other combination. That was the best part of the game.

  2. R. N. Dominick said

    I’ve often thought of getting a dice tower to add some noise and action to die rolls while still constraining them to a limited area. Should be useful for all kinds of games, especially those that pretty much fill the card table we game on at home and leave no good space for rolling…

  3. […] is determined by special 3-sided dice. These are cool looking and unique but if you enjoy the dance of the dice when you roll them, you’ll be disappointed. This is more like dropping the dice rather than […]

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